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Rounded cape design with unique open neckline.  Hand sewn rolled bottom hem.  Almost coatlike, can be worn with the seam at the side or the front.

2 sizes are available:

1) (Pictured) Small size, hangs down about 28-29" on all sides, on smaller people, will reach down a little below the wrist, random stripes, 80% alpaca, 20% Peruvian highland wool, variegated grey and black, French weave ca. 1920.

2) (not pictured) Large size, hangs down about 39-40" on all sides, will reach below hands, slit is added on one side to allow hand freedom.

Select one of these options or choose your own custom color and fiber content in the color choices pages.

Please contact me for information and pricing on angora or cashmere.

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